About us

Silk & Satin Co. is a Ghanaian fashion brand that uses tie-dye as the main design technique for all pieces. Founded by Nadia Vanderpuye in 2019, the brand is on a quest to strike the perfect balance between grunge street style and elevated casuals. Initially, the idea for the brand was to make fabric and textile pieces since it was regaining popularity at the time. However, as time went on, we decided to broaden our horizon by making our own exclusive, already made pieces. This gave birth to our first streetwear collection dubbed ‘Acid Wash’, which was made up of T-Shirts with one distinct design in four original colours.
Three more colours were later added due to its wide acceptance. The brand has grown organically over the years, and we have been committed to producing beautiful pieces that align with our vision while prioritising the needs of our clientele. The future of Silk & Satin Co. is very exciting as we have been experimenting with new designs and reaching new target audiences.
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